Fr. Perrone’s audio homilies are back!


img_6264Fr. Perrone’s audio homilies are being uploaded again after a few months of lapse.  If you are already following GrottoCast in SoundCloud, please note that the September 25th and October 3rd homilies in 2016 have been uploaded.

There are several ways to hear Fr. Perrone’s homilies when we upload them:

You may need to create a free SoundCloud account.  Once you do, search for, “GrottoCast” and use the “Follow” option.

If you are a blogger or have a social media account, you’ll find sharing and embedding options by clicking on an individual audio title which takes you into the page for that file.

It’s important to note that we do the best we can to get an audio homily each week, but, as they saying goes, “stuff happens.”  We continue to work on ways to improve our media and online work.  The website itself is still undergoing much work, so patience is appreciated.

Embedded here is a player that, if you scroll, will show you a list of the homilies available, with the latest right on top.  Just uploaded were today’s and last Sunday’s homilies.

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