Oct 15th: Public Square Rosary Crusade at Grotto


Photo from the America Needs Family site

On Saturday, October 15th, at 12 noon, Grotto-goers will have an opportunity to participate in the Public Square Rosary Crusade. We will meet outdoors in front of the Church. Bring your American flags and religious banners and pray the Rosary with us in front of the Church. 

This is an effort led by America Needs Fatima. From a page at their website:

Each year, America Needs Fatima holds the Public Square Rosary Crusade, with thousands of rosary rallies in cities all across the country. In 2015, there were 14,108 rallies and in 2014, there were 12,629 groups simultaneously praying for our country and the world all across America! These Public Square Rosary Rallies take place on the closest Saturday to October 13, feast of the last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun. Besides the October Rosaries, many Rosary Rally Captains hold monthly Rosaries as well.


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