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Yesterday, author Joseph Pearce spoke on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and, “The Lord of the Rings,” and unlocked some of the hidden Catholic meanings within these great works of literature. “The Hobbit”, published originally in 1937 and, “The Lord of the Rings” first hitting the markets in 1954-55, are still among the most popular books of all time.

Ordinarily, Mr. Pearce will speak on one book, or the other, but he agreed to the two hour window, with a break, speaking first on, “The Hobbit”, then the other work.  He then invited a few questions.

This talk was recorded on video with the permission of Mr. Pearce to upload, but the audio portion failed to record – the result of one improper setting on new equipment that didn’t go through sufficient trial and error testing.  There was no backup audio or video. This is deeply regrettable, especially for the personal touch at Assumption Grotto.

But, all is not lost for those who could not be there.  Mr. Pearce has talked many times on these Tolkien’s works, and has even taught courses on them. There are other resources on YouTube. Two will be embedded here and a link to a YouTube list of others will be provided further down.


Joseph Pearce on, “The Lord of the Rings”

This talk, on, “The Lord of the Rings,” was delivered by Mr. Pearce at Christendom College, and uploaded by them in April 2015.  Twice he steps briefly away from the microphone and may be difficult to hear, but the rest is well done.  In fact, this talk will be recognized by those who attended the one at Assumption Grotto as the topics and flow are very much the same.   However, one benefit to watching this video is there is additional detail given the longer talk time.  The questions, raised by students, were very good, yielding fruitful responses.

Joseph Pearce on, “The Hobbit”

While we have no such lecture for, “The Hobbit,” there is an interview conducted by Fr. Mitch Pacwa on EWTN Live from 2012 that covered most of the elements of the first talk Pearce did at Assumption Grotto. In fact, even if you heard the talk, you might enjoy this interview for the added tidbits that didn’t make it into our talk.

There are a number of other items in YouTube where Joseph Pearce discusses these Tolkien works, some around an hour long, and they have been compiled in a list collected at the Assumption Grotto Church YouTube page.  These include a nearly hour long video discussed with some visuals, and much of it outdoors, covering some of the hidden meanings of, “The Hobbit”.  There are also interviews where Joseph is featured somewhere within the recording.

Tolkien Works Taught in Catholic Courses Online

Joseph Pearce is the instructor for weeks long courses for both, “The Hobbit” and, “The Lord of the  Rings.” These are not just an hour, but weeks worth of 30 minute lectures, with visuals.  Embedded here is a sampling of the first one.

Visiting takes you to a section of Tan Books where there are a lot of digital courses, including others taught by Mr. Pearce.  Look through the literature section.  Also, note that there are several options available for the media. You can have it sent to you in a DVD or CD; or you can download it in different formats.  The prices vary by the purchase option you make.


Parting Shot: Joseph Pearce on “luck”


Joseph Pearce explaining that “luck” appears many times in these Tolkien works. The context used by the Catholic author is the hidden meaning of providence and grace.

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