Is September 25 Mass change permanent? No!

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Apparently, some readers took the initial post alerting Grotto-goers of a Mass change for September 25th as a permanent change.  It is only this Sunday that the “Tridentine”, with choir, will be at Noon.  As stated in the original post, the change is to accommodate choir members and volunteers for the Joseph Pearce talk, most of whom follow the 1962 calendar.  Otherwise, many would be at the parish from 9:00 until 4:00 p.m.  The 9:30 will be the new Mass in Latin and English, without the regular choir.

The bulletin has been running this information for a couple of weeks as a one time thing, and Fr. Perrone mentioned it in his column.

Now and then, Fr. Perrone chooses to swap the “Tridentine” and Latin/English new Mass times because of events taking place after the Noon Mass, such as we sometimes see with the St. Joseph’s Dinner, 40 Hours Devotion closing; or, when there is an orchestra Mass at Noon (the music was originally written for the older form of the Mass).

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